Called to one hope in ChristCalled to one hope in Christ

From 15-21 July 2009 in Lyon, France, CEC will bring together, for the thirteenth time in its history, representatives of the Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches in Europe in an Assembly under the theme “Called to One Hope in Christ”.

According to the CEC Constitution, the Assembly (held every six years) is the "highest authority" of CEC (art. 5.1). It is composed of the delegates appointed by the member churches and of the members of the Central Committee. Representatives of associated organisations and other church and ecumenical bodies attend the Assembly in advisory capacities.

The Assembly’s role

The role of the Assembly in the life of CEC is to officially sum up what the organisation has done over the last six years, discussing reports from its Central Committee and the General Secretary, to elect committees and adopt plans for the next six years, to issue statements and reflect on a general theme, and to introduce constitutional bye-laws and other proposals as appropriate.

The 13th CEC Assembly, Lyon

The 13th CEC Assembly will be held in the Cité Internationale of Lyon, a modern Congress Centre designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. In Lyon, focusing on the theme of hope, we will set a framework for the work of CEC for 2009-2015, offer hope and vision for ecumenism in Europe, contribute to a just, sustainable and participatory. Aims of the Assembly.

CEC’s 50th anniversary

In 2009, the churches in Europe will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). The Central Committee of CEC has stated that the 13th Assembly will include a joyous celebration of this Anniversary as well as the opportunity to look forward.


Celebrating the integration of CCME within CEC.

After having signed a Memorandum of Agreement in 2007, the integration of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) within CEC will be completed at the 13th CEC Assembly. This integration will “enlarge the prophetic voice of CEC on the inclusion of minority communities in Europe,” The Rev. Arlington Trotman, Moderator of CCME, indicated.

The Assembly will also present the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the merger of the European Ecumenical Commission for Church and Society (EECCS) and CEC, which was completed in 1999. EECCS became the Church and Society Commission of CEC, the second commission of CEC.

Aims of the 13th CEC AssemblyAims of the 13th CEC Assembly

  • to set a framework for work of CEC 2009-2015
  • to celebrate 50 years of CEC’s existence
  • to celebrate the integration of CCME within CEC
  • to offer hope and vision for ecumenism in Europe
  • to contribute to a just, sustainable and participatory Europe
  • to give account of the hope which is in the Europe of today

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