CEC Assembly Newsletter #7 17.07.09

Caption: Danish choir on the run, hopefully not from CEC. Photo: Daniel Barton/CEC

Young choir spreading music around the Congress Centre

Last Sunday, when CEC staff was sitting down for a late dinner at the Congress Centre, a young choir suddenly joined the ranks. While dessert was being served they stood up and started to sing some lovely songs. The choir is led by Betty and Peter Arent from Denmark, who also produced the music for the DVD  "A Pictorial History of CEC". Eversince that Sunday evening the young choir, consisting of Danish and local Lyon girls, have been appearing here and there in the Congress Centre to sing.


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From behind the scenes

In contrast to the old saying about being seen and not heard Mrs Donata Coleman has been heard but not seen at ecumenical gatherings since the 1950s. Donata is one of the voices in the interpretation booths.

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Hope in the Future

Former CEC General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Keith Clements is keeping a watchful eye over proceedings here at the 13th CEC Assembly. Keith is in an optimistic mood about the future of ecumenism. "The best thing is that several hundred people are here, all wanting to make ecumenism work – it is positive and reassuring. It is good to see new ideas being talked about."



Fall of Iron Curtain means churches need 'one voice' in new Europe

ENI. Germany's senior Protestant leader has praised the role European churches played in the 1989 political changes that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall but says they need to find new ways of making their voice heard in today's Europe.

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