Policy Reference process at the AssemblyPolicy Reference process at the Assembly

(Photo: CEC/Johan Ehrning)

In preparation of the Assembly, CEC invited member churches to offer their comments on the future vision and work priorities of CEC. An Initial Policy Reference Group has been reflecting on the contributions received and has produced a document which seeks to reflect those comments. This will be offered to the Policy Reference Committee which is to be elected in Lyon.

A common trend emerged in the responses from member churches, suggesting that CEC needs to adopt a more strategic, focused approach to its future work. Reflecting this, the group agreed early on that it should offer main policy lines for CEC in the years after the Assembly, rather than a list of issues to be addressed. It will then be for the new Central Committee (to be elected in Lyon) to agree on priorities which will be based on those main policy lines. The group  also sought to reflect a request from member churches for greater coherence in the work of CEC during the coming years.
This first Draft of the Assembly Policy Reference Report has the status of advice to the assembly Policy Reference Committee but is offered now to delegates for for discussions at the assembly.

Initial Draft for the Policy Reference Report