The process towards LyonThe process towards Lyon

Please gather and send the most important ideas, conclusions and insights to CEC. The second day of the 13th CEC Assembly is dedicated to the theme of « Hope ». At this stage all the reflections sent to us will be integrated in the debate of the delegates. So all contributions will be gratefully received – and used! Contributions can be sent in many ways, either as documents or in the form of pictures, photos, video-clips and so on. Please send them via the Lyon Assembly’s homepage below here or by post to:

CEC Assembly office
PO Box 2100,
150, route de Ferney,
CH- 1211 Geneva 2

The deadline for contributions to be included in the Assembly debate is 31st May 2009.




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... Hope for Humanity

...Hope for Europe and the World

... Hope for the Churches

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