Produced for the Conference of European Churches
by Danish Church Media Centre

Søren Johan
Simon Kangas Larsen

Jes Damkaer Hansen
Christian Frisk-Puggaard

Production Manager
Rikke Bøgh

Coordination CEC
Smaranda Dochia
Assembly Planning Committee for Lyon 2009

Producer and editor
Søren Johan

Local assistance and logistic
Arlington Trotman
Elfriede Dörr
Jean-Arnold de Clermont
Jorgo Papadhopuli
Matthew Ross
Rainer Kiefer
Altin Hysi
Scripts and Translation
Lise Hedegaard
Dorina Gnaur
Brian Karstensen
Andrea Budai
Jonas Kangas
Edward Broadbridge
Juljana Pici

DVD menu and authoring

Texts included in DVDTexts included in DVD

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