Pre-Assembly meetingsPre-Assembly meetings

Future Conference in Valpré -08. (Photo:CEC/Johan Ehrning)

As we are moving towards the 13th CEC Assembly, delegations have started their preparatory Assembly work all around Europe. We would like to make all this hard work available to the Member Churches of CEC.

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Our goal is to make this Assembly an event where participation and involvement are fundamental pieces. One step towards this is to let you, delegates of the Assembly, have the chance to influence and improve the process towards Lyon.

We would like you to let us know when your preparatory Assembly meetings are taking place. After your meeting we will give you the chance to publish a report on the meeting's content and result. We hope that this will encourage and develop the dialogue we seek between our Member Churches.

For further discussion and communication among the delegates a Forum has been created here. We sincerely hope that you will make use of this opportunity to share experiences and opinions!



Contact the Assembly OfficeContact the Assembly Office

If you have information concerning you preparatory work, please send it to the Assembly Office to help us developing the process towards Lyon.

Did you know that we have an electronic newsletter which we will be sendning out to participants? You can sign up for Assembly Newsletter here.


Responses received from Member Churches regarding the future Work Priorities are available within the Responses Received section.