With the materials presented in this section of our website, we invite you to contribute to the consultation process with our member churches in view of the Assembly, especially on the proposed work priorities of CEC for 2009-2015.

The comments received in the Assembly office will be integrated into the process towards the Assembly. A group nominated by the Assembly Planning Committee will draw up a document from these replies. This will form the starting point for the Policy Reference Committee which, according to the CEC Constitution, will work in Lyon, to prepare proposals to be presented to the Assembly for CEC’s mandate for the coming six years.

CEC is looking forward to receiving your comments and contributions both on the proposed work priorities and on the visions for the future of CEC.


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Contact the Assembly Office with questions, comments and/or contributions. 


Contact Information:

Assembly Office, sdo[at]cec-kek.org

Geneva (General Secretariat)
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