A CEC Assembly planned with its Member Churches and PartnersA CEC Assembly planned with its Member Churches and Partners

Sibiu Assembly. Photo:CEC/Cristian Gennari


Not just an Assembly to which we invite our member churches but an Assembly in which our member churches play their full part. That is our hope and our intention for the 13th CEC Assembly which will take place in Lyon, from the 15-21 July 2009.

Seven months before the 13th CEC Assembly, we invite the churches in Europe and all ecumenical organisations to be part of our process. We are not only speaking about the process leading up to the next CEC Assembly, but also envisaging the future up to 2029 by sharing the hopes we have for ourselves, for our churches and for Europe.

After 50 years of mission in Europe, the member churches of CEC are celebrating and appreciating the past while evaluating the challenges of CEC’s present work and projecting their hopes for the future.

This section of the Assembly website, invites you to join in this process in various ways. First, by taking part in a consultation process with all member churches of CEC and associated or partner organisations. Second, by using the preparatory material for the 13th CEC Assembly in July 2009.

Reading through the different chapters of the "Trondheim to Lyon" report, you can learn more about CEC’s main activities and the areas of work of the different commissions of CEC since Trondheim. You will also read about the European political context and the international ecumenical context in which CEC has been working.

In preparation for the next CEC Assembly, the General Secretariat and the three CEC Commissions have proposed priorities of work for CEC for the six years following the Lyon Assembly. As part of the consultation process, we welcome your comments on the proposed priorities by the 10th of March 2009.

A "CEC Future Conference" took place in September 2008 which began the challenging process of envisioning the future. The visions that we had in Lyon were creative and prophetic. The outcomes of this conference and the visions for the future of ecumenism in Europe can be found here.

The Assembly theme, "Called to One Hope in Christ", guides us through the entire process. It is with our hope in Christ that we bring together the churches and the people in Europe to envisage the future. Reflections on the theme of "hope" from various perspectives are available here.

The aim of the 13th CEC Assembly is to engage with more than the Assembly participants in envisioning the future of ecumenism in Europe and reflecting on our "One hope in Christ". We pass it on to you to continue this reflection and help us with planning our common future.