From Trondheim to Lyon - Activity ReportFrom Trondheim to Lyon - Activity Report

Trondheim Assembly (Photo: CEC/Geir Otto Johansen)

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During the last six years, the Conference of European Churches (CEC) has sought to fulfill the mandate given by the Trondheim Assembly in the context of Europe and of an European Ecumenical movement which has been markedly on the move. 

The CEC Secretariat and Commissions have now written summaries of their work during these last six years for the Trondheim to Lyon publication (Activity Report). The chapters for this report are now available below in pdf format (see below) for your use and reference. 

A different Europe
All of the issues in the Report also highlight the context in which we have been operating. The Europe of 2009 is a Europe which is very different from the Europe in which we were founded. We are determined that today and in the years to come, CEC will have sufficient flexibility to be able to respond to new situations and new realities. The pages which follow demonstrate, we believe, CEC’s ability to adapt and to reflect on changing circumstances. We commend them to your attention.

Guiding QuestionsGuiding Questions

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