His promise is aliveHis promise is alive


It is late on earth. The threats facing our very life environment, or very survival and future existence are seemingly looming over us on every side. It might seem that this moment in history, this moment we are living right now is futureless moment. A moment without the possibility of a different relationship between ourselves as humans and our life world.  Where nothing truly new can happen or be brought forward through change. It might seem as if history itself has ended. And so we are caught in a moment where we, through our own collective actions and creations, are undermining and destroying the possibility of a truly dignified future for humanity.

Since long, we have lost the right relationship between ourselves and replaced it with a relationship built on inequality and exploitation, in our local communities as well as in our global system. The social sins of exploitation, poverty, sexism and racism are rife in our societies and our global system is built on the exploitation of the south by the north

Just as we as a unified humanity are struggling, each one of us is struggling in our own lives with the challenges, failures, disappointments and sins that are an integral part of the human brokenness and the human experience in this world. But in each moment of struggling with ourselves, in each moment of failure, God calls us. Calls us to wipe away our tears, calls us further up, further in. Into his grace and forgiveness which resurrects us and rises us up. And so we are called to a true metanoia, to live new lives in the redeeming light of Christ’s mercy.  Called to one life and one hope in Christ, and in this new life we are called into the world.

When all hope is lost to despair, or as so often in our time, cynism, what remains is to be the embodiment of the one hope in Christ in this world. We are here and now and always called to walk and live and love and act in faith and responsibility. As if there was yet a great and bright future ahead. For in this futureless moment, we must more than ever believe in a just and dignified future for humanity. And the strength to believe we can find in that this dignified future is a part of God’s promise to us.

It is as Jeremiah says in the midst of his doomed-filled prophesising:

"For this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Houses, fields and vineyards will again be bought in this land." Jeremiah 32:15

Just as the body of Christ truly is an undivided whole, we belong together and are responsible for one another. We are called to care for one another, as brothers and sisters, and for our shared future and destiny on this earth. This is one meaning of oikoumene, the whole inhabited earth. Our life is a shared one, just as our hope is one, irrespective of which tradition we are living out our Christian lives in.

At the same time as we are given his eternal promise of love, of grace, of forgiveness and of eternal life, he in that same moment calls us to love one another and live in one another’s lives. Not in some other world or distant dreamed future, but to love and live in Christ as one body, in this very moment, right here.   

The eternal promise of Christ is alive and on it we have set our hopes. And if we dare live our lives with this hope in our hearts, we truly change the world, and reveal the hope that the love of Christ for us has given us all. We are called to go into the world to live and love and act, to reveal and create the dignified future that is our responsibility and our calling.

Jaanus Teose
Gender Issues Coordinator WSCF Europe