Theological Essay CompetitionTheological Essay Competition

Called to One Hope in Christ: The relevance of Hope in Europe Today

In the context of the 13th Assembly, the Conference of European Churches is proud to announce the results of its Theological Essay Competition.

Entrants were asked to write a 2 page (1000 word) essay on the relevance of hope in Europe today, with reference to the CEC Assembly theme, "Called to one hope in Christ". (cfr. Eph. 4.4.)  The essays were required to address the question of what it means to live as people of hope in the Europe of today, and to highlight the ecumenical dimension of Christianity.  They were to include theological reflection, but be aimed at a wider audience. The essays were written in English, French and German, and entries were invited from young people from across Europe and beyond.

Forty-six essays were received. The judges were very impressed with the quality of the essays received, and we are pleased to announce that the prizes will be awarded as follows:

First Prize: Claire Sixt-Gateuille (France)

Second Prize: Peter Anthony (UK)

Third Prize: Joshua Searle (UK)


In addition, the judges specially commended the following writers for their outstanding essays:

Stefanos Athanasiou (Greece)

James Hawkey (UK)

Martin Kopp (France)

Rebecca Lindsay & Iain Brown (Australia)

Lucy Razzall (UK)

Andrew Stobart (UK)

Georgios Vlantis (Germany)

A selection of essays, including all of those mentioned above, has been published here. These essays will form part of our preparatory reflections on the theme of Hope, in the run-up to our 13th Assembly.

We thank all the authors very much for their contribution to what we hope will be a fascinating ongoing reflection on the meaning of Hope in Christ for each and every one of us.