50th Anniversary Guestbook50th Anniversary Guestbook

Welcome to the CEC Assembly Website Guest Book.  Here CEC gives you an opportunity to contribute both to the Website and to the building up of the Assembly.

At the 13th Assembly we shall be celebrating and giving thanks for the 50th anniversary of the founding of CEC.  We have already asked for a few formal contributions to the literature which is being produced to mark this.  But we know that across Europe there are many who would like to add their own thoughts and reflections on all that CEC has achieved since its founding in 1959, as well as expressing their hopes and prayers for the coming years.

Please feel free to add your own comments to this Guestbook.  Whatever you write will help us to build up a picture of what it has that CEC has been and of what we are called to become


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Gunnar Westermoen from Norway

Wednesday, 15-07-09 08:01

Congratulations from the Church of Norway Information Service!


Urban Gibson from Sweden

Thursday, 02-07-09 21:00


I am very happy to learn that CEC and CCME at last will move to one body !
As Treasurer for the CCME I suggested this solution to the CCME board for 20-25 years ago. As member of CEC/CSC WG for HR and as visiter of many CEC assemblies a long to be with you in Lyon, but it is impossible.
I am still, as 79, working for some NGO´s as treasurer in the Internationel Peace Bureau (IPB), Geneva and the OSCE-network i Sweden, and it takes a lot of time. Next week I will attend an OSCE seminar in Vienna about Freedom of religion. I hope to meet Rüdiger at the same comference as we both a member of the OSCE/ODIHR Advisory Council of Experts on Freedom of religion or Belief, but have not yet seen his name at the list of delegates.

I hope Lyon will be as good as Basel, Gratz and Trondheim.

Good luck in the future work in the European area of Christian and other religions working together in real ecumenical faith.

Urban Gibson

Urban Gibson


Thierry Bonaventura from St. Gallen

Thursday, 12-02-09 08:19

Mes meilleurs voeux à tous ceux (hommes, femmes, jeunes, plus anciens, prêtes, diacres, évêques, métropolites, staff…) qui dans les dernières 50 années se sont engagés dans la construction d’une unité visible entre les Eglises.
Thierry Bonaventura
Attaché de presse du CCEE
Secrétaire pour le CCEE du ROE3


WACC-ERA SteerComm from Geneva

Saturday, 22-11-08 10:32

The Steering Committee of the European region of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC-Europe) warmly congratulates CEC. As Christian and ecumenical communicators we wish you many more successful years to come along with continued good co-operation. God bless you!


Rev. Ikram Gill from Lahore Pakistan

Thursday, 20-11-08 20:29

well i am very glad to read the your programme.I hope that the programme will be very wonderful for the delegates and they will be appreciate to that when the attend programme.
God bless you and peace be with you.
Rev. Ikram Gill

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