Eglise St Nizier during the festival of light 2006 (photo: A. Osborne)

CREL : Council of heads of Lyon churchesCREL : Council of heads of Lyon churches

The CREL is a body composed of representatives from each of the seven churches currently present in Lyon, which was created at the time of cardinal Renard (in the 1970s) and enlivened by the creation of RCF radio, founded by CREL in 1982.

Today, its members include:

Cardinal Philippe BARBARIN- Archbishop of the Lyon diocese
Father Isaac HAKEMAN – Armenian Apostolic Church
Father Athanase ISKOS – Greek Orthodox Church (delegate for the orthodox communities)
Reverend Chris MARTIN – Anglican Church
Pastor Jean-Frédéric PATRZYNSKI – Lutheran church
Mr Joël Rochat – President of the Lyon Reformed Church
Pastor John WILSON – Evangelical Baptist Church (representative of the evangelical churches)

The CREL meets twice a year to discuss its agenda, and eat a meal together. It decides the principal aspects of the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Lyon, common Eastertide celebrations when the dates coincide, or other similar joint meetings and celebrations which it judges appropriate.
The CREL is a flexible, informal body, its members have a friendly, brotherly relationship. Its secretary is always the catholic delegate for ecumenism.

An informal summit known as the G9 takes place once a year, at which the CREL has the opportunity to meet with the chief Rabbi of Lyon and the director of the Lyon Mosque. In addition, since 2002, the city of Lyon has held an annual official inter-religious meeting entitled “Concord and Solidarity”. 

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