Aims of the AssemblyAims of the Assembly


Constitutional Aims:

  •  It shall discuss a general theme selected by the Central Committee
  • It shall discuss the reports of the Central Committee and the General Secretary
  • It shall draw up a financial plan for the period up to the next ordinary meeting of the Assembly
  • It shall issue statements, adopt recommendations to the member churches and call on them to join in common prayer
  • It shall elect the members of the Central Committee
  • It shall take decisions by a two-thirds majority on proposals from the Central Committee relating to matters arising under Article 3 (4).
  • It shall issue the Bye-laws for this Constitution and adopt its own Standing Orders.


Other Aims:

  • to set a framework for work of CEC 2009-2015
  • to celebrate 50 years of CEC’s existence
  • to celebrate the integration of CCME within CEC
  • to offer hope and vision for ecumenism in Europe
  • to contribute to a just, sustainable and participatory Europe
  • to give account of the hope which is in us in the Europe of today