Churches' Delegations to CEC AssemblyChurches' Delegations to CEC Assembly

The Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches has determined that the number of official delegates for the 13th Assembly from the CEC member churches should be 350. This figure does not include 40 current members of the Central Committee who have a constitutional right to attend in their own right. However, member churches are at liberty to include their own representative(s) currently serving on CEC Central Committee within their delegation.  
An additional 25 delegate places were made available to delegates nominated by the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) so as to assist CCME to play a full role in what will be the first Assembly to reflect the merger between CEC and CCME.

The CEC Member Churches as well as CCME members are expected to send in their nominations of delegates to the 13th CEC Assembly, to the CEC Assembly office by the 15th October 2008 . 



  • Delegates are representing Member Churches of CEC.
  • Delegates benefit from full participation in the Assembly with the right to speak and vote (in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Assembly) and full eligibility to be elected to Assembly committees and/or governing boards of CEC.
  • Nominated delegates will register for the Assembly at the beginning of 2009 and will receive preparatory material.
  • For its 13th Assembly, CEC expects to guide the delegates into strong preparation before the Assembly, so that they can take quick and informed decisions in Lyon at the assembly itself.
  • Delegates are encouraged to reunite in National or Regional preparatory meetings to make sure that their representation of their respective churches in the CEC Assembly will be an informed one. We recommend that such meetings involve both delegates to the Assembly and other interested parties.
  • The Assembly office will work to support all such meetings that are arranged, including the preparation of thematic materials suited to presentation.

Deadline for NominationsDeadline for Nominations


The deadline for nominations of delegates to the Lyon Assembly is:

15th October 2008

Please send all nominations to the Assembly Office by this date.