Delegated RepresentativesDelegated Representatives

Sibiu, EEA3 (Photo: CEC/Cristian Gennari)

Delegated representatives are participants of the Assembly nominated by the Associated Organisations.

Representatives are those nominated by European National Councils of Churches, Non-member Churches; Partner, Regional or International Organisations.

According to the CEC Constitution, delegated representatives and representatives attend the Assembly in an advisory capacity. They benefit from participation in all working sessions of the Assembly (except for closed plenaries) with the right to speak (if invited by the Chair), but without the right to vote. Delegated representatives and representatives cannot be elected as members of Assembly Committees, nor in governing bodies of CEC.

Nominated delegated representatives and representatives will register for the Assembly before May 10th 2009 and will receive preparatory material.

For its 13th Assembly, the Conference of European Churches (CEC) would like as many participants as possible to be able to contribute towards the richness and success of the encounter.

Delegated representatives will have the possibility to organise hearings on proposed themes at the Assembly. Hearings offer an opportunity for participants to contribute to the assembly programme through inputs, discussions and debates about certain issues, sub-themes or special interests related to the Assembly theme.