Applications have now closed for this programme; thank you to all who applied. The selected stewards will be informed by email within the next two weeks. We look forward to working with them.

For this Assembly, 50 stewards have been been selected representing many different nationalities and denominations. The role of the stewards is a very important one, since they support the running of the Assembly from a practical perspective, and participate in the Assembly as invaluable ecumenical resources.

Being a steward is a challenge, fosters involvement and participation, and may change a person’s life. It should be the beginning of a journey, encouraging young people to get involved in further ecumenical ventures beyond the end of the assembly.

The stewards will attend a pre-assembly preparation, beginning on July 11th, which aims to:

  • Introduce the stewards to the venue and prepare them for their everyday tasks, which will fall under one of these five main areas:

         - Assembly Offices
         - Plenary Hall
         - Media & Press
         - Worship
         - Miscellaneous

  • Introduce them to the theme and aims of the Assembly and allow space for them to reflect in groups upon questions related to this theme and to the discussions which will take place during the Assembly’s sessions.
  • Explain the work of CEC in general, and the work of the Associated Youth Organisations. 
  • Create a team spirit that will be an inspiration throughout their work at the Assembly.

There will also be a day of feedback and evaluation at the end of the Assembly, during which the stewards will be given the opportunity to reflect together upon what they have learnt and how they have participated in the Assembly, as well as how they will be able to take this back to their own communities and build on it.

The programme's brochure may be downloaded below for further information. Successful applicants will be notified shortly. Please direct any queries relating to the stewards’ programme to the Youth Programmes Coordinator, Annie Osborne, oam[at]


What is a StewardWhat is a Steward

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Stewardship is designed as an initial gateway for young people to participate in the work of CEC, and in international ecumenical affairs more generally. The stewards share their faith, backgrounds and visions in an ecumenical experience of learning, discussion and friendship.

Stewards, CEC 12th Assembly, Trondheim
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Detailed information about the stewards programme (including the application forms)