Reflections and WorshipReflections and Worship

In this section you will find a number of biblical reflections on the theme of Hope, and other texts and images that may be of use in preparing worship related to the assembly theme. Please explore them using the menu on the left hand side of this page.

3rd European Ecumenical Assembly, Deisis Icon from Sibiu

A cry for helpA cry for help


from Alphen a/d Rijn prison

In a dark and cold tunnel comes a voice of innocent people
crying for freedom and justice.
Oh God, how long shall we wait for this to be down
for we are becoming so weak and tired,
because people outside this prison
can hardly hear our voice.
Hear us, o God,
as we voice our complaint;
protect our life from injustice and captivity,
because our hope is in you all day long.
Hear our cry for mercy
as we call to You for help.
As we lift up our hands towards Your most holy place.
Touch, O God,
the heart of good spiritual people
to come for our rescue.
Jail should be made for criminals, not for asylum people,
who only ask for help.
But in return we have been put to jail
with just a hot meal every day
without any hope of when to be free.
We human beings should learn to be sympathetic and to show love to another
because that is the greatest command of God.
One day we should be remembered
not by how long we live,
but how good we live
and how kind we are to people around us.
In conclusion, let’s try to be kind
to people we meet on our way up,
not to use our position to oppress them
because we might meet them on our way down.
This is a parable to those in authority.

Solomon Oguzie
Asylum seeker from Nigeria