A vision for the futureA vision for the future

As we prepare to set the priorities of the work of the Conference for the years up to 2015, CEC wishes to set its course in a wider context. A Future Conference was held on Sept 10th-12th 2008, in order to broaden the perspective of CEC’s future missions.  

What brings the churches in Europe together in 2009 and which is the role we can envisage for CEC and the ecumenical movement in Europe by 2029? How can we enable the churches in Europe to reflect together on appropriate ways to move towards a deeper discovery of the essential unity which is ours in Jesus Christ?

Visions of CEC

In order to respond to these questions and others and to reflect on a vision for the future and in preparation of the 13th CEC Assembly, we organised a Future Conference on our way to Lyon. At this Future Conference (held from 10-12 September at the Valpré Centre in Lyon) CEC actively engaged in envisioning the future up to the year 2029. 2029 has been especially chosen as representing a distance of 40 years from the first European Ecumenical Assembly in Basle in 1989. In 2029, CEC will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

A strong ecumenical movement

The aim of this conference was to strengthen the ecumenical movement in Europe by reinforcing CEC as a credible, recognised, influential and stable organisation that is in service of its member churches, its partners and the ecumenical movement as a whole. The process from the Future Conference to the 13th CEC Assembly is one of reflection on the results of the conference and of consultation with the CEC Member Churches and Partner / Associated Organisations.

Are the churches in Europe prepared to reaffirm their common challenges and their common understanding of Christian values and use CEC as their common voice in the European society and in relation with its partners and in dialogue and cooperation with other religions by 2029?

Guiding QuestionsGuiding Questions

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Participants of the Future Conference
Participants at the Future Conference, September 2008 (photo: D. Barton)