Half a century with CECHalf a century with CEC

The Bornholm ship

In 2009, the churches in Europe - members of CEC - are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Conference of European Churches. During the Assembly a day will be dedicated to celebration.

At its last meeting, the Central Committee of CEC concluded that the Assembly as well as the Anniversary should be an occasion to look back and to celebrate as well as to look forward.

Images from the past

An accessible, attractive Anniversary publication which highlights the most important moments of the 50 year history of CEC will give us the possibility to look back to the role CEC has had in the past. A photo gallery carries us through images of the history of CEC

Celebrating during the Assembly

One day of the Assembly will be dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of CEC. We will remember the past and appreciate the work CEC has done in the past. We will invite important figures that build the history of CEC so that we share stories together but also to thank them for dedicating parts of their lives to CEC.

We will also have greetings from those who will not be able to join us for the celebration in Lyon.