The Assembly ThemeThe Assembly Theme

Trondheim Assembly 2003 (Photo: CEC/Geir Otto Johansen
Trondheim Assembly 2003 (Photo: CEC/Geir Otto Johansen

"Called to one hope in Christ" is the theme of the 13th CEC Assembly. It is inspired by a passage from the Letter to the Ephesians (chapter 4), where the apostle Paul underlines the unity of the body of Christ.

There will be many practical issues which we shall discuss. However, there is one aspect of the Assembly programme of which we must not lose sight. We are required by the CEC Constitution to reflect upon a common theme. The theme for the 13th CEC Assembly was decided by the CEC Central Committee meeting in Vienna in 2007. You will already have come across it at other places on this website. It is "Called to One Hope in Christ"

This theme has been chosen for two reasons. We deliberately chose a theme which would place Our Lord Jesus Christ at the heart of our discussions and reflections. Above all, we wanted a theme which would give us the scope not just to dwell on the past fifty years of the life of CEC, but also to look forward to see what it is that Jesus Christ, Lord of the Church and King of the Universe, might be seeking to bring about in His Church and in His World in the decades that lie before us.

In this section of the Website you will find some contributions to the theme of ‘Hope’. These are made available with the intention that churches should make use of them as they wish. We hope that reflections on this theme might be encouraged by member churches as part of their own devotional programme in the coming months. We hope especially that delegates to the Assembly will engage with the articles which they will find in this section of the website so that they can be prepared for their own contribution at the Assembly itself to our common reflection on the Assembly Theme.

Thank you for taking time to study all the material in this section of the Website. We are sure that you will find it of help.